Rules and Policies

General Rules

No food or drink other than water is allowed in the building! Chewing gum, eating and drinking (excluding water) are not permitted in the studios, hallways or dressing rooms. (This applies to parents and siblings, too). Valuables should not be left unattended in the studio or dressing rooms. We are not responsible for any valuables left behind. If it is important to you leave it at home or with your parent/s. Parents of Elementary Dance Division (Pre-Ballet students we ask that you have your child/ren dressed and ready to start at the appropriate start time.

Dancers will be placed in a dance class according to their age and ability not physical size. Middle Dance Division and Upper Dance Division classes are by invitation only.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your children are of the utmost importance to us. For this reason we ask that you do not leave your children unsupervised for periods of time before or after class, and that your children understand where and by whom they will be picked up. Dancing in the Streets AZ is not responsible for students outside of class time. Parents will be charged a $25 late fee for more than 20-minute late pick-up. This will need to be paid before child may take class. We require parents/guardians of 3, 4, and 5 year-old students to make themselves available during class in the reception area. We also require parents/guardians to watch any young siblings while waiting in the lobby.

Behavior and Etiquette Pledge for Students and Parents

I/we understand that as a Dancing in the Streets Student, and or volunteer parent, I am expected to be a good role model and an ambassador of Dancing in the Streets AZ. This means that I will exhibit good behavior at the studio, theatre and all other venues. I will be a team player, courteous to other students, guest artists, teachers, directors, volunteer parents, and all other personnel whether at Dancing in the Streets AZ or other locations. Dancing in the Streets AZ reserves the right to expell any student, volunteer or parent from our school, any event, or activity that represents Dancing in the Streets, AZ, at Directors’ discretions. This includes social media postings regarding Dancing in the Streets, AZ


Childrens’ Dress Codes

These uniforms are required for several reasons: to promote discipline, which is essential to learning an art form; to allow the teachers to observe each student’s form and execution of movement:


Girls: Black or Pink leotards any style, Pink footed or transition tights and Pink ballet shoes, dance skirts either in Black or Pink. Ballet IV level only can wear dance skirt in pink, black, or floral pattern.
Boys: White T-shirt, Black shorts or tights, White socks, and White or Black ballet shoes.

Jazz Dance/Musical Theater

Girls: Leotards solid color any sleeve style, and Pink or Black, Capri, footed, or transition tights, black Jazz dance pants or Jazz dance shorts. Jazz shoes, or dance sneakers

Boys: White or solid colored T-shirt, Black Jazz dance pants or jazz shorts, and Jazz shoes or dance sneakers.



Long hair should be in ballet bun, cornrows are acceptable. However due to possible injury please limit hair ornamentation.


To avoid possible injury post earrings only are allowed in classes. No hoop earings, rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces or other dangly jewelry allowed in class or rehearsals.

Mandatory Parent/Guardian Performance Participation

One parent/guardian per household per performance must assist in production by volunteering for various tasks to be determined for each performance. For example, costume, set building, etc. Any parent or guardian who has specialized skills that they would like to offer will be welcomed.